5-Star Reviews

We love when families and residents share their success stories.

Most of the staff (shout out to Camilla and two two other ladies who I didn’t get their names) were amazing. Yes, places like this CAN be scary, but the staff, Nurses assistant janitorial and everyone else was phenomenal. They treated my mom so nice. The food was so good as well, especially the meat loaf. The rehabilitation staff was spectacular. Chaz, Oleg and the rest of the team. Also the front staff Scott and the other lady are very welcoming. They made me feel that mom was in a safe place. Special shout out to Scott for going above and beyond. If I were to be in need of a skilled nursing center, Woodland Skilled Center would be my choice.

Fred M.


The OT, PT, Nursing and support staff are amazing people who are top notch in their profession dedicated to the improvement of their patients health. They all deserve a 5 star rating.

D. K.


My husband and I spent about 1 month there. Some of the nicest people I have ever met. At a time when your dignity is low because you cannot do personal things for yourself they were helpful, kind and supportive.

They actually come and ask you what they can do for you. Rather than business of medical care they actually take the time to be friendly and visit.

Jake is upbeat and has some fascinating activities and cheer leads you into going. Kevin the administrator would come by our room to check on our care.

I chose this facility due to physical and occupational therapy and they did not disappoint. By the time I left I could walk and use my arm after stroke. Got my husband to walk also and built up his strength.

Thanks for the care and kindness.

Visiting hours are generous and not too strict.

Brenda P.


I can give a first hand review of this place as I was a resident for a month after major back surgery. They have an extremely knowledgeable head nurse. She is Literally a walking physician’s desk reference. I sincerely appreciate long time 20+ years CNA Mary Jane.

Thank you so much! “You are all doing God’s work” bless you all.
A special shout out to the staff in the physical rehabilitation division very knowledgeable and kind hearted.
As for the facility it is extremely clean and I profoundly thank you ALL…
Garry W.


Very happy with this place. It’s very clean and they’re always cleaning it more. They’re fast when responding to the call button. All the folks are very very nice to the patients. Believe me – I’ve been sitting in a room with my mom 12 hours a day for the past 4 days and up and down the hallway I can hear everything and they’re really nice to everybody. Physical therapist is awesome. Nurses and CNAs are really good. This is a cute historical neighborhood in Woodland so I feel safe control by and going.

Susan A.


I moved in here for 2 weeks and the nurses and care taker are very friendly. They give very thorough 24 hr care and I am able to request special food, like fish and chicken noodle soup.
Kai W.