Woodland, CA

Rehab therapist with a resident in a wheelchair in the rehab gym

We strive to help you get back to your best self.

At Woodland Post-Acute, we’re known for providing top-notch care to our community in the Woodland area. Our goal is simple: to help you bounce back. Whether you’re recovering from a sudden health setback or a planned medical procedure, our experienced team will work closely with you to create a personalized plan that gets you back on your feet and feeling your best.


Located in Woodland, on 3rd Street near Woodland Memorial Hospital.

Shaded outdoor seating area at the Woodland Nursing and Rehab facility

We develop personalized rehabilitation plans for each resident.

Every resident has a unique challenge to negotiate. We are here to find a way to help you get to your best self. Your goals of mobility, capability, successful recovery, and quick return home are our priority.

Our expert team at Woodland Post-Acute provides a personalized experience whether you’re recovering from an illness or have experienced a medical event. All rehabilitation takes place in our state-of-the-art therapy gym under the supervision of our in-house team.

Rehab therapist with a resident in the rehab gym


It’s not just what we do, but how we do it with skill and compassion. Our highly trained staff will develop a personalized care plan after assessing your needs. We will adjust accordingly as you heal.

Doctor smiling and placing her hand on a patient's shoulder

Skilled Nursing

the rehab gym at the Woodland Nursing and Rehab facility
A parlor grand piano at the Woodland Nursing and Rehab facility
Dining room at the University Post Acute Rehab facility